Choosing the right furniture for any business is important, but with a salon, furniture is especially crucial. With salon furniture, it is imperative to reach that seemingly elusive balance of fashionable, functional and comfortable. These are a few tips for choosing the right salon furniture in different categories.

Barber Chairs 

Many modern salon owners that prefer to cater to a more modern clientele might shy away from the very term "barber chairs," instead preferring styling chairs. However one chooses to refer to them, there are a few things to always look for when choosing barber chairs or just salon chairs there are a few things to always look for in this key facet of salon furniture. Comfort is generally the number one quality to look for in a barber chair. Customers who are comfortable are more likely to be at ease, enjoy the experience, and most importantly return for repeat visits. Customers who are uncomfortable are more likely to stay away in the future. In addition to comfort, functionality is important, namely the ability to be lowered, raised, and rotated by stylists. As far as fashion is concerned, the seats should either match the salon decor, or at the very least be neutral enough to blend in.

Reception Furniture

It cannot be overstated that first impressions are key. The reception desk and other furniture are where style is most essential, but it is also advisable that customers feel comfortable when they enter beauty salon. With reception salon furniture, functionality is necessary for the purpose of handling client inquiries, appointments, and the overall function of the salon.

Other Salon Equipment

Other salon and spa equipment should follow the same protocols of practicality and fashion, although in many salons style tends to trump other concerns. This is okay, as it is a chief part of the image and business plan of many salons. While style is subjective, it is good to keep comfort and utility in mind, even when aiming for fashion and elegance. Ultimately, it's important to find the salon furniture that speaks to your personality and your business.