If you're serious about your salon business, you know you can't just install some sinks in your washing area and call it a day. Clients often look forward to a professional shampoo; it should be a relaxing experience. Without the proper shampoo bowls, your clients can be made uncomfortable and can get wet. Your stylists could be working at awkward angles, and the area can generally become a mess. Having the right shampoo stations can make all the difference for your salon.

Attached or Freestanding Units

You first need to decide if a combination shampoo chair and bowl or freestanding separate ones make the most sense in your space. Is the layout of your salon pretty much permanent, or do you plan to make changes and move things around? Do you need flexibility to use chairs or stations for different type of services, or do you have the room and the budget to designate areas for each type of service?

These are good questions to consider when choosing between attached or freestanding units. Attached units tend to be more expensive and more luxurious. If you can swing it, you'll probably want them in order to make your clients feel more pampered. But you might also want the option of a freestanding shampoo chair or even a portable shampoo sink to better accommodate clients with special needs.

Types of Shampoo Bowl Material

Shampoo bowls come mainly in four types of materials: stainless steel, plastic, marble, and ceramic. Stainless steel is scratch resistant and affordable; plastic is also relatively cheap and is available in multiple colors to match your decor. Marble is beautiful and durable, but can be very heavy if you need to move it. Our top choice for shampoo bowl material is ceramic: it exudes a sense of luxury for your clients like marble but is more cost effective, and it's easy to keep clean.</p>< h3>Parts, Accessories, and Features to Remember

When setting up your shampoo stations, remember that the appropriate chair will recline and that your shampoo bowl will need to be set between 33 and 35 inches from the ground. You'll want to have a professional plumber install your station, and be sure your stylists will have access to a hot and cold water system, a faucet lever that is easily accessible, a hose with a long sprayer to allow for full access to wetting and rinsing clients' hair, and a drain basket.

To maximize your clients' comfort, choose a bowl with a wide neck rest, and consider a chair with armrests and even a footrest. It may even benefit your stylists to have a cabinet with built-in shampoo bowl for storage and ease of use.

Keep these things in mind when you're choosing shampoo stations for your salon, and you.re sure to provide the best experience possible for your customers.