Whether updating a barber shop or beginning from scratch, the choice of barber shop furniture sets the theme and defines the environment, making customers feel more comfortable and relaxed. The waiting area can take on a masculine feel by simply using darker seating, displaying men's magazines, and maybe adding a TV that stays on the sports channel. Salon supplies and beauty equipment will truly set the theme as either a men's barber shop or a women's spa.

The reception desk makes a first impression on clients whether they walk in or sign-in for their appointment. This is also an office desk for the employees to use and should serve as such. With these two concepts in mind, this piece of furniture should fit the visual theme of the salon while remaining practical for the purpose it serves for the employees with its cabinetry and storage space.

After check-in and first impressions comes the actual haircut or salon experience. Having the proper barber chair contributes to this experience by making the client feel comfortable while the stylists do their work. The chair should be both comfortable and functional while matching the decor of the business. The choice in this piece of salon furniture defines the theme of the salon and ultimately makes the client enjoy the experience and become a repeat customer.

Further salon supplies may include a manicure, pedicure or massage table. Again, these should be comfortable and inviting, giving the clients a sense of well-being as they relax and enjoy the services provided by the salon. Proper lighting is essential in these areas to provide the relaxation needed for these services while also maintaining a masculine atmosphere. Attention to the placement of these stations is essential to the clients comfort as well as the overall theme of the shop provided by the consistency of the furniture.

Adorning salon or barber shop with great furniture and beauty equipment is not a difficult task. With a little forethought and planning any salon can be comfortable and inviting for its clients.