A contemporary design can give a salon an aura of sophistication and a modern, relaxed vibe. Pulling the look together is easy to do with a bit of knowledge about the basics of this minimalist style. These tips on how to incorporate contemporary elements offer lots of food for thought:

Create a neutral palette.

An understated color scheme is one of the hallmarks of a contemporary look. Walls painted in taupe or cream, with black, grays or brown shades for furniture pieces and upholstered seating, will create an uncomplicated and chic space. Alternately, one creamy white shade on the walls and for all the furniture and fixtures will result in a crisply modern, yet tranquil atmosphere.

Use the warmth of wood.

Stationary fixtures in either a light or dark wood tone fit wonderfully well in a contemporary design. Wood is a perfect choice for the reception desk, styling stations and display shelving to add both depth and distinction to a space. Whether a light or dark tone is chosen, keep it consistent throughout the salon.

Add the cool of metal.

A metallic sheen contrasts beautifully with both wood and neutrals, and the utilitarian look of this material makes it an indispensable element in a contemporary salon. There are endless ways to incorporate metal accent pieces, particularly stainless steel. Consider tall, metal-framed rectangular mirrors for each station, metal arms and bases on seating, and stainless steel beauty equipment, spa equipment and storage containers for salon supplies as some of the possible components.

Choose sleek salon furniture.

Opt for styling or barber chairs and reception seating in square shapes with ultra clean lines, and avoid any furniture pieces that look at all fussy or over complicated. Another modern element is glass, which is perfect for topping a reception desk or for waiting area table tops. These choices will provide the sleek look that is fundamental when designing a contemporary space.