Whether this is your first salon or spa, or this location is the one hundredth, the interior of your salon can make or break a business. Choosing a theme for a salon or spa is the best way to coordinate spa or salon equipment and bring in the desired clientele. Consider the following points when developing decor ideas and purchasing the necessary furniture or equipment: Take into consideration the location of the spa or salon. What works on the East coast will not do as well on the West coast, and likewise for a big city location compared to a rural setting. The tastes and cultural influences need to be recognized and reflected in furniture and equipment choices.

Know who the target clientele is going to be. If a location will be drawing in mostly local people who have a median range income, modest furnishings are best. Providing services to a higher end clientele may lead to a gold hued interior with matching salon equipment and chandeliers, putting on a display of luxury and elegance.

Consider the brand and services offered. If a tranquil spa retreat is the desired environment, the use of warm, comforting earthy tones which contribute to this atmosphere are a good choice. Conversely, if it is a super glamorous, high fashion spa or salon, it will be better suited to use bold colors, bright lights, and modern furnishings. In the event a clean, medical feel is the desired option, going stark white is an excellent decision.

Color options and spa equipment can also mirror the colors associated with a logo or salon signage. Using a logo is a great way to make a business stand out and can provide great ideas for spa decor choices. For instance, using the colors of purple and teal in the spa signage or logo translate well into the design. Repeating the selected colors will also further embed a business into a client's mind and they may remember the colors over the name, thus providing an additional method of being recognized. A theme can also be pulled from a logo based on colors or animation, further providing distinction and recognition.

Always keep your spa or salon equipment up to date. Having modern equipment is a reassuring sign to clients. Looking for spa equipment that matches the needs of a new or growing salon is best handled by professionals who are familiar with the industry. Let CCI Beauty help you find the perfect spa or salon equipment to match your theme.