One of the most problematic but essential items in a salon are the spa disposables that every boutique needs. The items range from general sheet covers to the most personal of cover-ups. Here is a list of the items that you will need the most.

Bouffant Caps

These items protect the hair of your valuable clients from the many necessary chemicals used in the various salon processes while still affording a comfortable and free-ranging experience.

Bikini Bras

Use this disposable item to allow your clients the greatest overall skin exposure while still allowing them the maximum in decorum. They are also easily removed and replaced in any tanning environment.

Bed Sheets

No one wants to sleep on another person's bed sheets - there are just too many variables regardless of the situation. A ready supply of this disposable is probably the most urgent of all especially in situations where hygiene is most important.

Kimono Robes

Moving from station to station always requires a totally concealing, easily removed and ultimately disposable garment. For this reason, a salon must find one that not only meets these requirements but is also affordable.


Flat sheets are used for everything from covering beds and massage tables to acting as simple vanity screens. Without a doubt, they are the single most useful disposable item in any inventory. Ensure that you have a ready supply of these, if nothing else.


While some things must be seen to do the job properly, these privacy items are de rigueur for the best salons as they show their commitment to the privacy of their clients. A constant, fresh supply of bikini disposables is often seen as the most discreet of services.

Pillow Cases

Similar to flats, these sheets are used on a continual basis. It is simply too expensive to remove, launder and replace these items. Instead, a high quality disposable pillow case is the way to go.

Privacy Thongs

Most high end salons offer some seriously "private" procedures. This type of thong is the best way to keep everyone's focus on the job at hand while providing your client with the privacy they need to feel comfortable.

Face Rest Covers

While at the end of this list, do not overlook this particularly valuable disposable item. Your clients are most astute when it comes to the items that surround their face. For this single reason, you must exercise the greatest care when it comes to replenishing this disposable item.

Vanity Sheets

Inexpensive, versatile and eminently affordable, these are the one item that you should never run out of. They can be substituted for almost any of the items above. Always keep them on hand.