Salon supplies are essential in facilitating successful service delivery in your hair salon. In the same way that choosing the right styling or barber chairs and other salon furniture, and beauty equipment is important, you must also ensure that you choose the right supplies.

Which Salon Supplies Do You Need?

1. Hair shampooing, cutting and styling

Your hair salon cannot possibly function without the necessary hair salon supplies, which allow you to shampoo, cut and style hair. Required items include scissors, hair clips, combs, brushes, hair sprays, rollers, mousse, straighteners, dryers, bleaches, hair dyes, frosting caps, curling irons, gel, conditioner, styling products, shampoo, and perm products. Generally, matters to do with hair are quite complex for both the woman and her stylist. The wide range of hair types and possible hairdos don't make matters any better. As such, you should stock up on a wide variety of supplies to enable you serve customers with different hair types, ranging from dry hair to frizzy or greasy hair. In addition, you should ensure you have the right tools and hair product to enable you to give individual customers their preferred hairdo.

2. Facial and massage services

Facials and massage give women an opportunity to relax and have someone else take care of them. Women find salons that offer these services quite appealing. The range of salon supplies required to offer facials include facial scrubs, creams, and toners, and stuff for making face peels and masks. For massage, you need aromatherapy oils, linens and towels, and massage stones.

3. Manicure and pedicure

To offer manicures and pedicures, you will need a supply of items such as cuticle scissors, nail files, clippers, nail polish remover, cotton, and nail dry.

4. Waxing

Waxing is a good way to boost your salon's income. Women go for waxing in order to stay hair free. To offer these services in your salon, you will require items such as wash cloths, cloth strips, baby oil, tweezers, application spatulas, wax heating units, depilatory wax, post-depilatory, and pain-relieving lotions.

5. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies may not have any direct relationship with the kind of services offered in your salon. However, they are essential since they enable you to keep your hair salon sparkling clean. As such, you require a washing/drying machine, disinfectants, trash bags and bins, brooms, dust pans, mops, sponges, drain cleaner, and window cleaner.


Overall, your choice of hair salon supplies should be guided by the kind of services that you intend to offer, similar to when you are choosing salon furniture and/or spa equipment. In addition, always ensure that you have the right variety of supplies to enable you cater to the demands of individual customers.