A great way to add a supplemental income stream to your salon business is to see clients at their homes during your off time. Home visits are ideal for clients who are willing to pay extra for this level of personal service, as well as clients who have trouble leaving the house (like new moms). You can charge a premium for home services, which can make it a very profitable endeavor for your salon.</p> While making money on house calls is easy, actually executing the service may be another story. When you work out of someone's home, you don't have access to the same equipment and resources you have at the salon, such as shampoo chairs and styling stations, so it's important to arrive at your client's house prepared. Here are 3 tips for stylists who are willing to take their services right to their clients:

#1: Always arrive prepared.

One of the most common mistakes stylists make when visiting clients in their homes is not bringing everything they need for the job, not bringing enough of what they need, or not bringing backups of everything. For example, if you're doing color at a client's home, keep in mind that color can be inconsistent. Something as simple as the temperature of your client's home can affect the color's processing time. Be sure to bring extra color in case things don't go as expected, as well as a few other colors in case you need them.

#2: Be aware of your lighting and space.

Remember, the lighting in your client's home will most likely be different from that in your salon. Color looks different under different lighting, so be sure to check your client's color in more than one room of their home. In addition to lighting, you also need to be conscious of the space you are working in. If you don't have enough room to move around freely, don't be afraid to ask your client to move things around or move to a different room. And remember to be careful with your equipment cords so you don't knock anything over!

#3: Stay professional.

Even though you're not actually in the salon, it's important to still remain professional and organized. Be sure to keep your kit packed neatly, clean up after yourself and take care around your client's personal possessions. Be a respectful guest, and your clients are sure to invite you back.

A client's home won't have all the conveniences and luxuries of your salon, but that doesn't mean you can't still create a great customer experience. By following the tips above, you can pamper your clients both in and out of your salon.