Tips for Upgrading Your Salon Furniture on a Tight Budget

When you're in the beauty business, it takes a certain finesse to get the job done. Upgrading your salon furniture and beauty supplies absolutely takes the same amount of finesse and creativity. Your product is your service, and attracting people with the right look and feel is important, but it's also important to figure out how to manage the right look without breaking the bank. Basically, you're on the other side of the barber chair - you need to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.

There are some great ways to save some cash and make a big statement. Before you buy, make sure you do your homework, and look for advice and ideas from others who know the biz. First and foremost, start with your plan of services. Ask yourself the following questions: Will you be cutting and styling hair? Will you offer facials and skin treatments? Are manicures and pedicures going to be on your menu? What other spa services do you plan to include? How can you strike a balance between comfort and style? All of these questions impact your salon's style... AND your budget. Once you've organized your basic services, think about the flow of your space and the needs of your staff and clients. You want your clients to walk in the door and be greeted by an eager and friendly receptionist. Make sure that space is just as welcoming. Don't get trapped in the idea of needing expensive office furniture. Define your style, and go from there. Kitschy thrift store or flea market items can serve as beautiful and unique reception desks. Get creative with your styles and use iron baker's racks that you can find on online sales or at garage sales to store your products and define your company's personal style. Where will they go next? You'll want a comfortable waiting area. What's your mood? Relaxing and calming? Upbeat and energetic? Once you've defined this, you'll know where to go with your salon furniture. Make sure it's comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing, no matter what the mood of your space.