Choosing Your Barber Chairs: Combining Your Style with Your Client's Comfort

The most important pieces of equipment for any barber shop or salon owner are styling or barber chairs. Salon and barber shop clients spend a majority of time in styling chairs and it's vital that all salon furniture be comfortable. The salon furniture and barber chairs also need to fit in with the design of the shop and create visual appeal. Seeing a plush, comfortable and clean barber chair at the ready is a draw for any incoming customer.

Purchasing, salon furniture and spa equipment is a big investment for any shop owner. Investing in higher quality furniture can be an initial strain on the budget but pays off when equipment lasts through numerous customers and years of business. Additional furniture such as reception desks and manicure tables also need to be good quality and adaptable to the needs of the shop. A shop owner has to decide if they want all the furniture in fixed locations or if some pieces need wheels to open up the flexibility of the space. A shop's barber chairs need to be easy to operate for all employees to insure an enjoyable experience for all customers. No employee should have to struggle to raise and lower the chair. Doing this risks making the customer uncomfortable and impatient.

A trip to the salon or barber isn't just a pursuit for style; it's also a pleasure escape and source of relaxation for most patrons. Many customers look forward to having their hair washed and their nails done and the right equipment insures that they'll return frequently. Having all of the shop's salon supplies properly organized and displayed is also vital for the success of the business and the flow of sales. Employees need to know exactly what products they're using, what the benefits are and where they can be purchased from in the shop. Attractive shelving displays and tables invite customers to explore the products at their leisure and staff must be ready to answer any questions. With the right furniture and products any salon or barber shop is on their way to success! Shop today.