Being a shorter-than-average person can make being a salon stylist difficult. Chairs and stools are made to meet the average-height people, which can leave shorter stylists feeling out of place and uncomfortable while styling. Here are a few tips for accommodating a shorter stylist in your salon:

Check into getting a shorter base for your client chairs. Many salon chairs have the capability of having their base swapped out for a variety of reasons. If you have a stylist who seems to have trouble reaching the tops of clients' heads, see if you can find a shorter base than what you have. Many of these bases can also be raised and lowered, usually with a pump of some kind. This will keep the chair accessible for the taller stylists too!

Get the client to work with you. While clients are meant to relax while having their hair styled, they can still be asked for a bit of assistance during the procedure. Shorter stylists can ask their clients if they mind being reclined more in the chair, or even if they would sink lower in the seat if possible. The customer wants their best haircut too, so a small adjustment like this should be easy to accommodate. Find a safe stool. Try finding a step-stool with a wide base and gripped steps that can be moved around easily. Safety is key here, and many hardware stores sell stools that will work for this, as well as exercise stores (think aerobic steps). Anything portable and safe that gives a few added inches of height will make all the difference! Salons are for everyone, including shorter stylists, so it's very important to have ideas of how to accommodate someone who needs a little bit more height to do their best work. Browse CCI Beauty's selection of salon chairs and bases to see what kinds of chairs we have to cater to anyone!