CCI Beauty Facial Machine Tips

When using skincare facial machines it good to make sure you are using them properly to protect yourself and your spa from liability. 

Magnifying Lamp & Woods Lamp:

After you cleanse the skin it is best to analyze the skin. This will help you determine how you will go ahead with the rest of the treatment. When you are analyzing their skin make sure you are feeling the skin and tell the client what you are seeing. Clients want to know what is going on with their skin. If you do not have a woods lamp our handheld woods lamp is great for any hair salon or spa. The portability is great for using it in different spa treatment rooms. 


No Waxing on Clients:

-Taking Accutane (Prescription Acne Medication)


-Recent Chemical Peel

-Recent Microdermabrasion

-Exfoliation during treatments. (It is recommended that they don’t get a facial and facial waxing on the same day.)

Our single wax warmer is great for heating up waxes, but as a precaution always test the wax temperature out on wrist before putting it on your customer. 


No Galvanic on:  (Make sure to ask your clients if they have any medical conditions.)

- Pregnant

- Pacemaker

- Epileptic

- Braces

- Metal implants, pins, or plates

- Inflammation, open sores, cuts, abrasion




Always put the pole on the client before you turn it on. The client will feel a slight tingle and may taste metal in the mouth. Once you put the pole on the skin you must keep it moving. Do not keep it in an area for too long or take the pole off the skin before turning it off as it may burn the skin. Always turn the function off before taking it off the skin.  When you use the negative pole you are bringing the skin to an alkaline state, which is also called disincrustation. Disincrustation makes it easier to extract because with the negative pole you are opening up the follicles and softening the sebum. The positive pole brings the skin back to its original acid state and it’s also great for product penetration. Remember if you use the negative pole you must follow with the positive. Never leave the skin at an alkaline state as it is a breeding ground for bacteria. The natural state of our skin is acidic. Dry or aging skin may not need the negative pole as they don’t have an over-production of oil/sebum. When using the positive pole for product penetration water-soluble products must be used for it to work. Using oil-based products that are greasy and heavy will not penetrate. 

Galvanic machines are great tools to have in your spa room. 

High-Frequency Tips:

The client must not come in contact with any metal object. Clients should remove all jewelry. High frequency should not be used when the client is pregnant nor on clients who may have a pacemaker or are epileptic. Gauze placed over the face must be used to ensure proper glide over the face.

If you do have acne-prone clients then the high-frequency machine is great to have in your skincare tool kit. The glass electrodes release violet rays that kill the bacterial on your client's skin. 


Steamer Tips:

Do not put steamer over client until steam comes out just in case it water spits.

The facial steamer is key to a proper facial. The facial steamer cleanses the face, promotes circulation, hydrating, opens the pores, helps the skin better absorb the skincare products, promotes collagen/elastin, & is soothing. Check out the variety of facial steamers we carry. Only use distilled water in the steamer. To maintain the steamer it's best to decalcify the steamer weekly, by running the steamer with 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. If you still smell the vinegar after running the steamer then just run the steamer with distilled water to remove the smell. 

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