Marketing Strategies for Your Beauty Salon

As the manager of a beauty salon, the day-to-day business of running your establishment can sometimes overshadow time that could be spent on marketing strategies. Competition between salons, however, is increasing, and strategic marketing plans play a key role in a salon's success. There are many different places to advertise your beauty salon, and a variety of ways you can write an ad. To optimize your marketing strategy, you need to develop unique ads and put them where your prospective clients will find them.

To develop the best marketing strategy for your beauty salon, you need to do a bit of research. Talk to your current clients and ask them questions about their experience with your salon. How did they find you? Why did they choose to come in the first time? Why do they come back? Document their answers and use them when you are ready to form ads. You want to find out what makes your beauty salon different from other salons in your area so that you can highlight these differences in your ad copy. 

The next step is to formulate a strategic marketing system. Initially, having a system can help you analyze which parts of your marketing strategy work, and which ones are less profitable, so that you can improve on the good methods, and cut out those that are not cost effective. As you continue using your marketing strategies, having a defined system can help you to stay organized and to better analyze your data. 

When you are choosing demographics to advertise to, don't look over your current customers! A great way to increase profit is to up sell to clients who are already visiting your salon. Do you have clients who come in for one specific service? Next time they are in, give them a coupon or discount for another service your salon offers. Another great way to keep current clients involved and visiting your salon is to produce a newsletter. Newsletters can advertise new equipment, services, or products that your salon offers. You can give beauty tips to your clients, create a Q&A section, include coupons, and more. Newsletters can be printed and mailed, or you can create an email list for your clients and send the newsletter electronically. 

If you decide to create an ad for your salon to put in a magazine or newspaper, or to post on the internet, remember that your ad needs to accomplish four things: attract attention, generate interest, create desire, and spark action. Don't be afraid to claim the high ground with phrases like "best hair stylists in Seattle" in your ads. You want your ad to stand out, so have fun and be creative. Use exciting graphics and text styles, bold colors, and humor in your copy. An important element in any ad is to give readers a call to action. Give them a reason to pick up the phone and make an appointment at your beauty salon. Calls to action could include a coupon for a discounted price, a special sale offer on a product or service, or more.

In addition to traditional means of marketing like newsletters and newspaper and magazine ads, the Internet has become an important advertising venue. Beauty salons have many different opportunities to advertise on the Internet. Find online directories for beauty salons in your area, or even across the country and make sure you are listed there. Email campaigns also provide fast, easy, and inexpensive ways to reach prospective clients, or to up sell to current clients. 

Does your beauty salon have a website? Websites can provide a variety of resources for current clients and prospective clients. Your website should list your address and phone number, and provide basic directions to make it easier for prospective clients to find you. You can post coupons, announce special sale events, and update clients about new products or services.

Implementing good, strategic marketing for your beauty salon can take time, but the benefits are far greater than the costs. When you sacrifice the time and resources needed to advertise your products and services, you will encourage current clients to visit you more frequently, and attract a variety of new clients.