If you've been thinking about expanding your business, massage is a great service to offer. The field is growing, and it provides plenty of opportunities for you to branch out as a business owner. People seek out massage therapists for relaxation and also for relief from pain and soreness. You can provide an additional service while also potentially attracting new clients who have not visited your salon before. It's a win-win situation. Here are our tips for creating a massage therapy option in your salon.

1. Find the right therapist.

Of course your first order of business is to determine that your candidates are properly licensed in your state. Be sure to ask about their recent job history and check their references. Don't be afraid of hiring a new massage therapist: often if someone is right out of school, they don't have preconceived notions of how your business should be run, and they can also be more fresh and enthusiastic about their profession.

Make sure, too, that the person you choose meshes well with you and your salon's atmosphere. If you run a relaxed, casual business, you won't want someone who is extremely strict and formal. Similarly, don't hire a massage therapist who gives a lax impression if your facility is one where your clients appreciate the upscale and businesslike attitudes of your staff.

2. Create the right space for your new service.

You'll need to carve out a quiet and private location in your salon for massage therapy. The room will need to have a relaxing ambiance and be separated from the bustling, noisy atmosphere of the rest of the facility. Work with your new therapist to purchase appropriate massage tables and other massage equipment, and make sure there's plenty of room for clients and the therapist to be comfortable.

3. Advertise your new service line.

No one will book massages at your salon if they don't know you offer them! Put up flyers, have your stylists tell clients by word of mouth, and make sure you post your new service on all your social media accounts. Take advantage of traditional advertising as well, by placing ads in local papers and publications. Offer specials to current clients as well as those who provide referrals to build up your massage client base.

Before you know it, you'll have established a solid list of clients for your massage services and hopefully you'll also have gained some new clients in your main salon as well!