The beauty salon owner is responsible for decorating and designing her salon in the way she wants her clients to feel. She knows what beauty equipment, salon supplies and salon furniture she will need to order, based on the services she will be offering to clientele. In addition, when she knows how many stylists she will be hiring, she'll know how much furniture and equipment she will have to order.

Colors Influence on Salon Clientele

Vivid, bright colors make, not only the salon, but a salon owner's clientele, feel energized. Warm colors serve to create a calming environment and cool, pastel colors have that same effect. Clientele sitting in a salon designed with reds, oranges or bright blues will feel the need to move quickly, which can serve the salon owner and cosmetologists as they work with several clients a day.

Creating an Inviting Environment

Salon owners and stylists know that, to create a welcoming environment for their clientele, they need to choose colors and salon furniture that makes their clients feel comfortable while they are having their hair cut, styled or colored. Even the chairs in the manicure area must be comfortable enough for clientele to sit and relax while receiving manicures and pedicures. Color combinations the salon owner chooses can create an environment that her clientele will appreciate, bringing them back for repeat appointments. She can also bring some of the outdoors inside with potted trees and plants judiciously scattered throughout the room.

Maximizing Available Space

The owner of the salon has to make use of every inch of limited space inside her shop. How she organizes can help the movement of clients from the reception area all the way through to the styling and manicure areas, then over to the retail and cash register area so they can buy their hair care supplies and pay for their appointment.

In deciding where she will place her salon furniture, the salon's owner has to create some specific areas for each function of her salon. These include reception, retail, styling, manicure and the cash register area. Spa equipment is important as well.

Planning Ahead

As she decides how many barber chairs and shampoo stations to order, she also needs to plan how she'll fit the new furniture into the room. She also needs to plan where she'll stock her salon supplies. The owner needs to plan far in advance, before opening day.