One critical part of running a successful salon is keeping your stylists happy. Stylists work long hours on their feet and are the face of your salon.

These 10 tips will help you make your stylists more comfortable with the right beauty salon equipment.

Adjustable barber chairs.

Stylists and clients come in a wide variety of heights. Make sure your barber chairs adjust easily so that your stylists are not bending or straining to reach the customer's hair. Hydraulic foot pump barber chairs are a popular choice.

Sharp scissors and razors.

Sharp tools cut hair easier and more precisely than dull ones. Invest in sharpening tools to keep these edges sharp and replace tools whenever needed.

Floor mats

Padded floor mats reduce the risk for falls and make it easier on your stylist's feet and joints when they are standing all day.

Organized work-space

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the tool or product you need. Invest in caddies, boxes, bins, jars, and other storage solutions to keep the work-space well organized.

Quality heat tools

While a good stylist can make any tool work, high-heat ceramic tools certainly make the job easier.

Comfortable Salon Furniture

A stylist rarely gets the chance to sit down, so invest in plush, comfortable couches for these rare, precious moments.


Your stylists will appreciate the opportunity to prop their feet up during short breaks between appointments. They can also provide additional seating area when the waiting room is full.

Long handle dust pan

Salons create a lot of mess that stylists must clean up multiple times a day. Invest in long-handled dust pans so that stylists can sweep up hair and other trash standing up without having to squat.

Good lighting

Good lighting makes it easier for stylists to see what they are doing. In poor lighting, stylists may suffer from eye strain, headaches or migraines.

High-quality styling products

High-quality styling products make clients' hair softer and silkier with plenty of shine. Having great-looking hair makes your clients happy and more likely to return, which makes your stylists happy.