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    Choosing Timeless Salon Furniture for Your Space

    It can be tempting to choose salon chairs and salon furniture that is modern and trendy while forgetting the fact that these are a major purchase and are not easy to replace. Finding the right balance between showcasing your style and choosing salon furniture that will last, can be tricky. Knowing where to invest your money on flair and style and where to make more conservative choices will help you achieve a timeless look for your salon that can evolve easily with changing trends.

    Function over Form
    When it comes to your salon chairs, your first consideration should be how it functions. It is the most important piece of furniture in your entire salon as a poor chair can make your day miserable. Look first to make sure that it operates and moves how you need it to, and that it will be comfortable for your clients. Narrow your choices down to a few that operate perfectly for you, and opt for the one with the most classic look.

    Hints from History
    Classics earn their name for a reason – they stand the test of time. Choose classic materials for your salon furniture and make sure you choose durable pieces. A quality wood table will always be in fashion, and a well-constructed wooden table will last for years. Look for classic, straight lines with natural finishes to get the most timeless effect. Contemporary form and custom finishes can look amazing, but five or ten years from now they will only serve to date your salon. 

    Where to Add Style
    Once the selections have been made for salon chairs and furniture, it is time to add modern and contemporary pieces to give style and personality to your salon. Lighting fixtures are one of the easiest places to add interest to a salon, and decisions do not have to be permanent. Paint and wallpaper are another area to indulge your sense of fashion. Art and accessories can also be switched out when they begin to look dated, so choose pieces that look great today knowing that they can be replaced as trends change.

    Choosing timeless salon furniture doesn't have to mean a boring work space. Classic salon chairs and salon furniture will serve a salon for many years and will blend seamlessly as design tastes change over time. Trendy furniture may look amazing today, but will stand out like a sore thumb in a decade. When done right, timeless furniture can look fresh, modern and new today as it will ten years from today.

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